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Skilled Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Program (SWEEP)

SWEEP is a network of curious and committed souls, co-creating a team marked by a sense of belonging, stewardship and willingness to act for the common good and believing that the strength of a family, a house hold, a nation. is in the strength of women! For the less privileged women of Pakistan, the effort will bridge the gap for these women between opportunities to learn, specialize and make a living out of what they are best at while polishing their abilities and providing grounds for improvement not just in terms of money but also life itself.

The most beautiful people we have known, are those who have Known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known Loss, and have found their way out of those depths.

Elisabeth kubler-Ross

how does the program work ?

If a woman decides to change her fate. she can do wonders! Someone very rightly said.

"There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise"

SWEEP has a team whose responsibility is to look for women who can make hand work and are willing to work from home.

The team meets with these women at a location of their preference. It could be their house, SWEEP's office or any other location these women are comfortable with.

They have a discussion with these women to see what kind of work they can do. Once ascertained they are willing to work. the SWEEP team gives them a sample to create, if they are able to do it they are registered to SWEEP! It's that simple.

SWEEP then sends them work in exchange for money. If their work is not up to the mark. SWEEP organizes training sessions where they can learn and do a better job.

They are trained till they are ready to take on work. Once they are, SWEEP provides them with all the material and a sample. Once work is completed. it is picked up by SWEEP and sold to kuli jumé for further finishing and selling on the market.

In what ways is the program sustainable ?

The program is standing on 3 pillars. These pillars make it possible for the program to have a long term effect on the lives of these women and enables them to financially stand on their feet in short term.

  • economic empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural Indoctrination
Economic Empowerment

This will be achieved through the platform of kuli jumé where they create handmade embroideries and accessories and kuli jumé then finishes the product by experts. As soon as the SWEEP team collects the work. they pay these women on the spot!


As part of the program. these women are trained on different things that benefit them in this field and improve their entrepreneurship skills While the SWEEP team gets them work from kuli jumé.They also train them to be better entrepreneurs and explore other opportunities to sell. Train them on acquiring better and newer skills, teach them better time management skills, help them create portfolios of the gorgeous work they are doing.

Cultural Indoctrination

This is where we help these women understand little things that make them better human beings. Starting from hygiene, to mannerism, all the way to become ideals in their communities! A curriculum is being designed for these women where the team takes several routes to indoctrinate the values of life and the best way of living. They are required to complete several levels of the course and eventually become trainers themselves.

A peek into the curriculum at different levels:

  • Social Skills
  • Hygiene
  • The art of raising children