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blogimage 17 Oct 2019


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  • Author: Sana Aslam

Random plans are the best plans, aren’t they? That thrill and excitement is absolutely next level. When life throws something at you that you did not imagine happening any time soon, that ‘high’ is experienced very rarely. Try mixing a little foolishness with your serious plans; it is lovely to be silly at the right moment.

So, a weekend getaway can be very extreme by all means, including packing the essentials, travel duration, exploring the destination or trying to make most of those three days. It can be very tiring. Hence, there are tremendous advantages to traveling lighter and taking along the bare essential items.


The first and the foremost important things are: where you traveling to and the purpose of it. All you got to pack according to that only.

If it is a vacation? What will the weather be like? Will it be beachy and sunny or it will be cold and snowy.

Before you head out for your getaway, find out below what you need to pack- from your beach slippers to your favorite lounge wear- we have got it all sorted for you.


For a three day travel, we’d suggest to travel as light as you can. Leaving all the unnecessary things behind which you may not even get to look at in those three days. Pack the absolute essential, that is it.

It is your personal choice to either go with a backpack or a weekender; both are easy to carry without any hassle or worries. It is got to be durable enough to toss around, may be waterproof too with lockable zippered pockets.

Don’t forget to check with the airline you are traveling with, their baggage weight and size restrictions may give you a tough run.


For a three days trip do not make a fool out of yourself to pack in infinite tops, jeans and shoes and accessories.

Just throw in the very simpler and neutral clothing like blacks, whites, grays and purples. Yes! You can take along a few of your most favorite tops that you can mix and match later on.

This will certainly help you from packing too much. We’d suggest that you pack in categories like- something casual, dressy (if necessary) and of course something comfortable (for traveling, lounging or sleeping).


Yes! We know shoes are a girl’s first love but here you got to act sensible and do not need to hoard on uncountable number of shoes. You might think of taking along a cool pair for the airport, then something comfy for the plane, then something chic for roaming around, then another pair of slippers for the beach, a classy one for dinner. HELL NO. You are not packing for a wedding getaway.

Flip flops and fancy slides might be essential for a short getaway but a pair of comfy walking shoes will bring a great amount of relief if you are traveling via plane. They are easy to slip on and off and extremely handy if an adventurous act is planned.


What’s life without colors? Boring- YEAH.

Since the clothing you packed is almost on the neutral tones, try grabbing a few colorful scarves and wraps to spice up your look.

A funky headband to tie up your locks will also be eye catching and flamboyant.


You cannot step out of the house without your make up essentials but, again, we would repeat, do not take along a thing that you THINK you might NEED.

Just pack along the basics you use every day, like a moisturizer, a lip balm, a sunscreen lotion is a MUST; you can’t do without a sunscreen no matter what the length of your trip is. A fragrance that you love.


Besides the entire escapade you are going to indulge in, have you thought over what you are going to slip in when you get back from day’s adventure all tired? Be certain to pack in something you are sure you won’t be embarrassed being seen in.

The trip will end even before you get tuned in to that feel of laziness and tranquility, it is better that you follow the guidelines we suggested. It will save you a lot hassle and unnecessary trouble. HAVE FUN!