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blogimage 08 Jul 2019


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  • Author: Sana Aslam

This won’t be wrong if I would say that Pakistan’s fashion market is full of competitive clothing stores which offer a wide variety of seasonal wear, be it casual, prêt, formals, semi formals or bridals. And all of them have something extravagant to offer which instantly attracts the consumers towards themselves not only once but for life.

Over the years, I also have become a loyal customer of a few very famous brands. Ever since the prêt wear is so easily available at affordable prices, life has become a hundred times easier than it was previously.

While writing this article it occurred to me that there are some very specific and patent brand names I never miss going to whenever I am on a shopping spree. And the reasons are very obvious, either they offer a wide range of variety that I am bound to pick one thing or the other or the price range suits my pocket or the size and fittings they offer compliment my body type.

So following are four clothing brands I urge everyone to shop from and do not miss the oh-so-spectacular collection they have to offer every season.


KHAADI needs no introduction. With their phenomenal work over the past 20 years, they have evolved tremendously as a brand that people go to over and over again.

With their vision of re introducing the craft of handloom with a twist, they have exceedingly succeeded in being different and an essential part of one’s wardrobe. Khaadi is one store which may never disappoint you. You are bound to grab more than just one piece; rather at times it is very difficult for me to choose which one to take home.

  • The fabric they offer never worn out even after years of use.
  • The embroidery is extremely intricate and the color contrasts they offer are irresistible.
  • Price range is nominal and highly affordable, starting from Rs 2000 for a basic casual shirt to up to Rs 5000 for an embroidered tunic.
  • The sizes are considered a standard in the clothing industry, they offer are the most perfect cuts for a Pakistani women’s body type.


Gul Ahmed has ruled the clothing industry since forever. It has prevailed and made its mark with the slogan “Ideas for life”.

Not only Gul Ahmed is one of the pioneers of cotton fabrics in the history of Pakistan but they have evolved with the passage of time a great deal. They come up with collections that are absolutely in sync with the current fashion trends with quality fabric, huge range of in vogue colors, cuts and prints. They are known for their unstitched collection every season. Whereas, their collection is so versatile that it serves the purpose of casual wear as well as party or evening wear simultaneously, it just depends how you style the same piece on different occasions.

  • They incorporate out of the box fabric and design ideas. You stand out in the crowd when you are wearing Gul Ahmed.
  • They have something for everyone. From a teenage girl to your nani amma, they cater to everyone’s clothing needs.
  • The price range is as low as Rs 900 for a shirt piece and goes up to Rs 7000 for a three piece suit.


Being one of the oldest players in the fashion industry, they have been elegantly dressing women in Pakistan ever since 1986. With a slogan of “Design with a difference” they actually are true to their tagline by providing trending, stylish and high quality products.

AlKaram is known to be the strongest competitor of Gul Ahmed, they also come up with exceptional and extraordinary collection every season, which add nothing less than poise and colors to the buyer’s life.

  • The prints they come up with are vibrant as well as classy at the same time.
  • Their ready to wear collection is something I never miss putting my hands on.
  • The unstitched collection starts from as low as Rs 800 a shirt piece to Rs 7000-8000 for a stitched 3 piece dress.


One of the pioneers of the lawn hype in the Pakistani fashion industry, J. has stirred the clothing industry like no other brand has.

With their collection being exceptionally vibrant, modest to the core and trend setting J. has won our hearts every single season.

  • Their collection is the most modest of all.
  • The color combination and the patterns are never seen before.
  • Price range is highly affordable.