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blogimage 30 Jun 2020


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  • Author: kuli jumé

Largely under rated. The subtly of life that it brings to an outfit bringing about a humbleness when worked on.

The color is an amazing base to work with. It is strong enough to take the boldness of contrasts and possess a unique shyness to bring similar colors to light.

kuli jumé created a design in olive named Rustic Olive. The color used was a faint olive. The color of ripe olives.  Olive tones come with a quiet sense of confidence and sophistication.  It’s a color that whispers and not screams, works well at the office and also on the weekends, and is one that you can turn to in need of a mood lifter.

Majority of the embroidery on the ‘daaman’ and complementing motifs on the sleeves with strings on the armhole cut and neck.

The colors used were of the same family. kuli jumé took advantage of greens and browns that were different, yet complimented the theme of Rustic Olive greatly.

The choice of cloth used was ‘baroshay’ which made it an even better choice considering it reflected shades of olive that paired wonderfully with the colors of the embroidery.

Part of the kuli jumé Office/College wear, a piece that was liked by many and worn by more.