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blogimage 21 Sep 2019


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  • Author: Sana Aslam

No matter how a big closet space or a wardrobe you own, it is always microscopic as compared to the amount of stuff you have to store in them. Even if you manage to organize it every three months or let’s consider the best of the best possibility of getting it organized once a month, every time you end up having teetering piles of clothes, shoes tumbling one over the other covered in dust and the doors that would not close.

That is quite a sad state of affairs which needs to be sorted once and for all. Until a few years back my wardrobe presented the same picture of sloppiness and disarray. And that was distressing as well as bothersome at the same time. I was not able to find things when needed, moreover all the precious and expensive accessories I owned turned in to quite a mess as they were not properly taken care of.

Then for the love of my hard earned money I had spent on all those clothes, shoes, bags and accessories I decided to organize things and maintain it to the best of my capacity.

A few tips I would really like to share with all of you as well, to make your life easier and hassle free. Have a look.


First things first, what I did was declutter. There is a saying “if you have not worn it in 6 months, you are most likely not to be wearing it all”.

I sorted the stuff between the discarded and charity bags respectively. And GOD! Did I have enough space for an elephant to be stuffed in, yes it became that spacious, plus it did feel lighter to give them for charity. So, get rid of clothes, shoes, bags and other items which are not in your frequent use, that are there for years and you have not even touched them.


After all the triumphant detritus, it’s time to get the right kind of wardrobe gears which can accumulate max of the possessions and give it a classified look too.

There are countless options available like hanging shoe organizer, tiered hangers, baskets, scarf holders, shelf and drawer dividers and boxes in different sizes.


One thing that is wise to do is to set the things up according to the seasons. If its summer season, the winter stuff is to be accumulated into either suitcases or other storage pieces. This way there is way more space available to store things that are in use.


I like to hang my dresses, formal clothes, coats and pants to keep them from creasing and crumpling. I got matching hangers in bulk, hung everything according to the usage and requirements.

Cascading hooks and tiered hangers come in extremely handy, allow you to hang multiple pieces vertically, saving a lot of space.

VOILA! The entire portion looked neat, easy to access and hangers of the same size, color and material gave it a much synchronized appearance.


Folding clothes neatly is quite an art, and I am quite a freak when it comes to folding clothes. I straighten and fold the laundered clothes in such a way that some do not even need to be ironed before putting them on. And since we are on the mission of saving space the trick that works here is:

Keep the clothes at the back of the shelf that are less frequently worn.

If you are placing clothes in a drawer, make sure you place them vertically not horizontally. It saves up a lot of space.

Use basket or boxes for storing the undergarments and socks so you don’t have to panic as where to find the other pair of the socks or the matching panties.


One of my biggest pet peeves is disorganized and messy shoe racks or sections. It pains me to the extent of getting a heart attack looking at shoes being stacked one over the other that too without cushioning or stuffing them to retain their shape.

The best thing is to put them in order according to colors, types and usage. For example keeping your heels together, flats in one place, joggers and sneakers go together arranging them color wise respectively.

Storing them either on the ‘over-the-door’ shoe organizer or let them be in their original boxes to save them from dust.


Bags are like babies, they need equivalent care as babies do. In my eyes it’s a sure shot crime to dump the bags in one shelf like you’d dump trash in garbage cans.

Use news papers to stuff them so they stand upright when not in use, to retain their genuine shape.

Place them on the shelf like you would place books in a book shelf.

Do not hand them on hooks to prevent the handles from stretching out.


Now that you are done and dusted with an impeccably arranged wardrobe, succeeded in donating things not in use to charity and are victoriously able to close its doors you can celebrate with a glass of coke and a victory bhangra.