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blogimage 16 Jul 2020


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  • Author: Safeer Ur Rehman

With Eid ul Adha just around the corner, more and more people are flocking to the online stores this time around instead of going to the physical brand outlets and the famous markets. Admittedly, shopping online means missing out on half the fun but we are going to have to adapt to this new reality for some time.

We may not be able to have those huge family gatherings this time around but that shouldn’t hold us back from dressing up for the occasion. So here at kuli jume, we have decided to list down some tips to oomph that perfect Eid look.

Colors to pick

Choosing your eid outfit in the distinctive summer hues is the key to being subtly sassy. From glowing in yellow to going neutral in beige, there are plenty of colors you can choose while keeping your outfit minimalistic in accordance with the steamy hot summer days.

Go Green

Nothing beats the shades of green, olive, kale and mint when it comes to making a statement in the summer. Besides, green also happens to have a significance in the Islamic culture so going green on Eid can never go wrong.

Blues Clues

While there is no escape from the sizzling heat and humidity, one can make a cool impression by incorporating aqua, navy and other shades of blue in the Eid outfits. A perfect pick for your day and night look.

Whimsical White

Let your style express the depth of your personality this eid by dressing up in white. White is a timeless color to drape yourself in not just for a festive look but also for myriad number of occasion. It characterizes minimalism, purity and innocence making it a perfect choice for an ultimate feminine look.

Desert Dune (Beige)

If you are skeptical about choosing something too loud or too minimalistic and want something flexible that falls in between then Beige is the color you are looking for. It’s flexible, adaptable and quirky. It almost never fails to add charm to your personality. Pair it with some gold jewelry for an enthralling look.

Styles to pick

For eid, traditional indo style Shalwar kameez is the go to style for every woman, but it all comes down to how imaginative you can get while maintaining the traditional look without going over the edge.


Shalwar kameez with jackets

One might argue that it’s a little too early to wear jackets but here at kuli jume we are absolutely digging the jacket style Shalwar Kameez trend. You could either go for the anarkali suits with long sleeve/sleeveless cape style jacket or if you need something more manageable then you can always pick the embroidered or embellished waist length jackets to wear over your regular suit.

Frock Style Tops

For those of you who fancy an indowestern look for this Eid, a frock style top can give you just that. Pair it with some palazzo pants and heels to ace the look. Or if you are more inclined towards the traditional eastern look then there are plenty of options in eastern style frocks which can be paired with cropped pants for a striking look.

Sharara Suits

Finally, how can we miss out on the good old Sharara suits that are absolute favorites for ceremonial occasions. This Eid, pair your sharara/gharara with embroidered short or long kameez for a classy traditional festive look. The fact that there is a vast variety of them available in lightweight cotton, means that you can dazzle in these stunners even during the summers without having to compromise on the comfort. 

Eid this year is not going to be like the ones that we are accustomed to. But we can still enjoy that feel at the comfort of our home by dressing up for ourselves and that gorgeous Instagram selfie.