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blogimage 30 Sep 2019


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  • Author: Sana Aslam

Every year there are various fashion trends that evolve like bubbles in boiling water and disappear as the season ends. While fashion around the world keeps progressing every single minute, and the classics like ghararas become gharara pants and shalwars turn into tulip shalwars.

Despite the uncertain change in the current fashion trends there should be a number of basic and classic pieces in one’s wardrobe which can be utilized on an indecisive wardrobe day by mixing and matching several different pieces to make it look aesthetically suave and modern at the same time.

Here, we are sharing some very basic tips of making the most out of your present wardrobe possessions and even if you do not have what we have discussed here, next time you head out for shopping, keep these tips in mind and shop accordingly.


Kurtis are must haves. You just can’t do without having a few neutral, solid or even printed kurtis in your possession. Having a white and a black colored shirt can never make you go wrong and also are never out of fashion.

Be it absolutely plain or little embellished ones, they can be paired with almost all colors and tints of dupattas and stoles. While owning the solid colored ones give you a vast margin of experimenting by complimenting them with a pair of jeans and a multicolored stole.


Ideally one should have bottoms in neutral colors and you are saved for life. Get blacks, whites and beiges in which ever cut you like, be it a shalwar, a pair of straight pants, bell bottoms or tights. Neutral colors can compliment anything at all that you may wear and save you the hassle of going from shop to shop for matching cloth or repeatedly visiting the dyer to match the right color you gave.


Dupatta is an essential element in one’s attire when it comes to eastern wear. It can make your appearance or it can break it too. While we highlight the prominence of neutrals, we would suggest having neutral colored dupattas too. As they can go well with any outfit you adorn.

Whereas, we cannot emphasize enough on bagging a few multi colored chunri dupattas. These chunri dupattas not only have an ethnic elegance to them but they can intensify the look of the most modest and simplest of attire.


It is said that one’s personality can instantly be judged by the choice of shoes they wear. So beware, you are in for quite a gamble while choosing the right shoes. We would suggest on having a pair of metallic as well as nude heels. Metallic can be in different tints like golds, silvers, bronze or even rose golds.

While, when in doubt nudes can bring you out of the misery of indecisiveness. The trend of nudes has come up with a bang in the recent years and we must say it is the new black which flatters anything and everything.

Not necessarily heels, it can be either kitten heels or even flats if you are not comfortable in higher heels and don’t want to risk a broken ankle.


With the simplest of the outfits, you can spice up your day or night look by throwing in just the right combination of jewellery. You can either adorn a heavy statement necklace with a simple solid colored kurta or it can be matched with bangles to up lift your appearance.

If nothing at all, invest in a decent looking watch. The amount of sophistication and charm it adds to your persona, it’s unbeatable.

Lastly, the earrings instantly upgrade and amplify your charisma to no bounds. So grab some jhumkas, chaand bali and cute looking studs the next time you head out for jewellery shopping.

We have listed the most essential wardrobe items you must possess. You can start with neutrals and very basics and gradually build up to have more choices to choose from. While on the other hand, we are of the thought that you may OR may not own any of the essential items mentioned above, but what matters is how you carry whatever you wear. So, apart from hoarding on endless accessories and clothes, one must also work on how to carry themselves with poise and elegance.