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Our Story

2012. We were young and full of energy. We were often the center of attention for how we carried ourselves and our sense of fashion. It was just a matter of time when some of our friends started approaching us for assistance on buying clothes for work. Then their sisters calling out for help on apparel for schools and colleges. And that’s when we realized, we didn’t have enough affordable and yet appealing options to choose from!

I decided I wanted to help all of them out! I started designing clothes and placing them under a roof that allowed many designers to display their work. Et voila! That’s what made kuli jumé! کلی جمے a Pushto word that means ‘clothing & jewelry’ Though it may sound like two simple words yet, it means worlds in terms of the love and gratitude Pashtun women get!

Our uniqueness was in fresh, out of the ordinary designs with affordable prices! The whole idea was, ‘why should style put a dent on your pocket!?’

2017. I have decided the thought needs to reach more people! And this time, I want to give something back to the society I am living in. I mean what is a life where you wake up in the morning, eat, go to work, come back, eat and sleep? Is that it? Well not for us! We have decided that for us, the meaning of life will be bigger! How we did that? Is by helping ALL those under-privileged women we knew of, who had some kind of a skill and could support their families sitting in the comfort of their homes if given the chance. We gave them that chance because we know they are fighters! Brave women who are trying to make it work piece by piece, day by day, year on year… I read somewhere, ‘there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise’ Indeed! We at kuli jumé are determined to help them do just that! On the product front, for us kuli jumé is not just about selling clothes to you. It’s about respecting you as an individual. It’s about understanding your needs. It’s about giving you the chance to change your mind if you don’t like our product. Not just 15 or 20 days but as much time as possible! Bad business case – GREAT relationship!

To us, relationships matter more than ROI! It’s a long journey. kuli jumé is not afraid. It has you on it’s side and someone up there backing it up. A certain victory!


Founder | CEO